Short bios of our cast, as they appear in the comic! So check often as we add them.




Hunter is an American fighter pilot that looks to make a career in the force, just like his father before him.

Despite the hiccups that being half Seneca has at times caused, his dual heritage has made him too determined, combative, committed and persistent to be denied what he wants: the chance to be an ace, and continue flying the ethers. In fact, he’s only a battle away from claiming the title- and he’s there.




Nikos was a brand new, wet-behind-the-ears doctor interning to be a surgeon when the war struck.

Serving mainly as a field doctor in the front, in a few short months he got more medical experience than most hope for or want. As resources in the front became more and more scarce, he had to learn the hard way how to make do with what he had, and also serve his country and his fellow fighters with more than just one function. Now he stays with Sakis away from his home, refusing to go back to the city and see enemy flags everywhere.




Sakis is a typical shepherd of the Greek highlands.

He was born and raised in one of the biggest and most beautiful villages of the area of Metsovo, in Pindos. He has a large herd of goats and sheep, and keeps his merino ram as a prize pet more than anything else. Like most Greek men, he fought at the front at Pindos, and owes his surviving it intact to Nikos. To return the favour, when the Nazis overtook Greece and Nikos refused to give up his arms or return to the city, he offered Nikos shelter in his own home.




Maria is a fully trained nurse of the Hellenic Red Cross, often serving as Head Nurse when she has the luxury of a full Red Cross team.

At the onset of the Greco-Italian war, she volunteered to serve at the front. Her quick wit and cool, experienced conduct in extreme adversity and risk quickly made her a favourite assistant to Nikos, since he trusts that she will do her part without need for his double checking. After the occupation, she remained at the mountains, helping and supporting the fighters by keeping them alive and kicking longer.




Sophia was a new teacher dispatched to the province by the state when the war struck. She initially stayed at the village and helped manage the children as women knit warm clothes for the soldiers and later took to carrying heavy ammo and arms to the fighters at the peaks of Pindos. Later, after the Greco-Italian war and as the Germans attacked and took over Greece, she fled from the village along with several of the men and women willing to keep fighting and eventually found her niche in the Resistance, just like Nikos and Sakis did.

She has grit, determination and a downright no-nonsense personality that has naturally acquired her rank both within the Resistance and in the undeclared social grid of the village. She is likely the only person in the village and the Resistance that can make Nikos shut up.




Spyros is Nasos’ son, a precocious 10-year-old that secretly believes Nikos possesses magical powers- that or medicine itself is magic. He follows Nikos around, helping out and soaking up all the knowledge he can, as Nikos has taken him as his unofficial protege.

He’s fearless and confident in all the risk taking he does; and it’s quite a bit since he’s determined to help out not only Nikos but also the Resistance of which his father is part, doing all he can and/or is allowed to in order to thwart the enemy.




Toula is Sakis’ sister, and the lady of their household ever since their parents passed away. From the very tender age of 5 she had been in charge of making food, as was often the case with many farmer families, and growing up she took on more and more of the home chores and duties, including looking after her brother even if he is older than her.

She’s motherly, kind and always takes care to support everyone emotionally and substantially, and her firm hand in conducting things is always swathed in the warm cosiness of her manner.



Ludger Achziger

Senior Colonel (SS- Oberfuhrer) Achziger is considered one of the most loyal and high quality officers of the SS. He was born to a life of farming and menial agricultural tasks, which he hated from very early on in his life. Instead, classical studies and a career of an academic in any large city was his dream. A dream the NSDAP convinced him he could only achieve through them- and he set out to do exactly that with steadfastness and enthusiasm. He proved his loyalty to the fuhrer and the NSDAP early on, as an intelligence officer for the SA and then subsequently for the SS. He stopped at nothing in turning in the enemies of the Reich, exactly as Hitler wanted. In return he was given access to the life his father would deny him.

He is calm, calculating and frigid, working for the Reich’s domination by subduing insurgents wherever he goes. And that is precisely what he has been sent to the Greek highlands to do. He does get exasperated only when the help is below his expectations.



Evelyn Hacket

Colonel (SS Standartenfuhrer) Hacket used to be a doctor, practicing as a GP in Munich. His superficially benign countenance when making house calls and treating patients was not enough, however, to completely mask his streak for the sadistic, as he often administered treatment without alleviation or prescribed medicine that caused significant discomfort of additional side effects he then purposefully diagnosed as symptoms of other diseases, making his victims get subjected to further experimentation. With the rise of the Nazi Party, he made it a point to turn in jewish people, homosexuals and the chronically or terminally ill for termination in return for the party dismissing all the charges for malpractice that had begun accumulating. It wasn’t long before his facade was discarded, now that he had no need of it and his innate cruelty and aggression manifested unbridled, almost triumphantly.

The SS consider him a loyal and useful asset, especially when it comes to brutality and interrogation, and assigned him to Achziger’s administration for precisely these qualities.



Otto Hirsch

Though Assistant Hirsch typically has the rank of Major, he is never called that. He is never acknowledged as anything more than a living piece of equipment that is there to perform tasks, not make decisions. It is common knowledge that his rank in the SS is not earned but rather given due to his family’s name and former military glory in a few assorted wars; glory that the youngest of the Hirsch family is not likely to repeat, being more interested in scholarly things and philosophy.

He is Colonel Hacket’s assistant, and because he is mild mannered and unassuming he often gets more abuse than a man with a different personality would.